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Baidicheng", "Baidi City" or "White Emperor City" is not a real city, but a jumble of temples on top of Baidi Hill. It perches just east of Fengjie City at the entrance of the Qutang Gorge. Until the Gezhebo Dam was closed, Baidi Hill was a peninsula jutting out over the Changjiang, but now it is becoming an island in the expanding lake.

White Emperor City was founded by Gongsun Shu in 25 AD during the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is reported he saw a white dragon coming out of the well and therefore declared himself the White Emperor.

During the Three Kingdoms period, at the end of the Han Dynasty, Baidicheng was part of the Shu Kingdom, and it was here that Liu Bei, the king of Shu, before he died in the year 220, entrusted his kingdom and his sons the the care of his loyal Prime Minister Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang created the so-called Eight Battle Formation. Bazhetu, as a strategy to entrap his enemies in the state of Wu. His plan failed but he is revered until today, for his creativity and his loyalty, in temples around Sichuan, the most famous being the one in Chengdu.

Many poems have been written about Baidicheng, Lui Bei and Zhuge Liang and are carved on stele in the Baidicheng temple.

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