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The 禹王臺 Yǔwángtái, also called the 古吹臺 Gúchuītái, Old Music Terrace, is on the south edge of Kaifeng, near the 繁塔 Buotǎ. It is a vibrant place today where the local Kaifeng people gather to listen to Opera and vaudville performances on two stages, one by the entrace to the park and the other on the Yuwangtai itself. The fame of this place goes back to thr Spring and Autumn period (770-481 B C) when a famous bling musician named 師曠 Shī Kuàng blew his flute here. In the Ming Dynasty, to pray for help from floods to Da Yu, a legendary emperor who harnessed the Huanghe, the name was changed to Yuwangtai.

In the Tang, it is said that three famous poets visited here together and wrote poems, Li Bo, Du Fu and Gao Shi. In commemoration of this event a momorial temple called the 三賢祠 Sānxiáncí stands on Yuwangtai.

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