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The Vietnamese northern town and province on the border with Guangxi province, China.

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Comments On Qianjiashi 看千家詩有感
Crossing Ghost Gate Pass 過鬼門關
Crossing The Pass 過關
Evening Crossing of South Pass 南關晚度
Ghost Gate Pass 鬼門關
Ghost Gate Pass 鬼門關
Ghost Gate Pass 鬼門關
Halting at South Holding Pass 駐鎮南關
Joyfully Composed While Crossing the Pass 過關喜賦
On Ghost Gate Road 鬼門道中
On The Langson Road 諒山道中
On The Road 路上
On the Road Toward the Southern Pass 南關道中
Overnight At Dragon Spring 夜宿龍泉
South Holding Pass 鎮南關
South Holding Pass 鎮南關
Nguyen De, Ruǎn Tí 阮偍
Phan Huy Chu 1782-1840 潘輝注
Den Mau 寺
Den Quan 廟
Vietnam (Yuènán) 越南