Autumn Moon

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Moon over Okinawan surf

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Autumn Moon
Clear sky not a cloud in sight,
Bright moon radiates a thousand miles.
Alone in my garden I raise my glass,
        in the trees 
                an autumn wind rises.
Qīngtiān wú piàn yún,
Míngyuè zhào wànlǐ.
Zhōng tíng dú júbēi,
Lín wài qiūfēng qǐ.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

Everyone is lonely at sometime in their lives. As Merle Haggard sings;
'Everybody's had the blues sometimes
And everybody's got the blues'

But lonely on Okinawa, an isolated island in the Pacific, is a deeper kind of loneliness. It is expressed in this short poem and in the haunting voices and lyrics of Ryukyuan music.

From the book 古琉球吟 compiled by 橋本海關

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