Our Southern Emperor Rules!

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Our Southern Emperor Rules!
        Ly Thuong Kiet 1019-1105 

Over South Land's mountains and rivers
        our Southern Emperor rules!,
Clear destiny confirmed in Heaven's Book.
How dare you bandits violate our lands?
Just watch! Your armies will be smashed!
Nánguó Shānhé
Lǐ Chángjié 1019-1105

Nánguó shānhé nán dìjū,
Jierán dìngfèn zài Tiānshū.
Rúhé nìlǔ lái qīnfàn?
Rǔděng xíng kàn qǔ bài xū

Translator: Dongbo 東波

Ly Thuong Kiet's famous anti-Chinese poem was, ironically, written in Chinese, the lingua franca of East Asia, and the only writing system known in Dai Viet at the time. It is considered to be the first Vietnamese declaration of independence.

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