The Old Masters Meaning of Zen

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The Old Masters Meaning of Zen
        Ly Thai Tong 1000-1054

Common suffering knows no school,
Not the I or the not I.
The Buddhas of the past and future,
In reality all are the same.
Shì Zhū Chán Lǎo Cān Wèn Chán Zhǐ
Lǐ Tàizōng 1000-1054

Bān kǔ zhēn wú zōng,
Rén kōng wǒ yì kōng.
Guò xiàn wèilǎi Fó
Fǎxìng běnxiàng tóng.

Translator: Dongbo 東波

King Ly Thai Tong was born in 1,000 in the village of Co Phap, Bac Giang province, the eldest son of King Ly Thai To 974-1028. Under his rule the country was prosperous and peaceful. He was intlligent, well versed in martial arts, interested in music and poetry. He was particularly interested in the practice of Buddhism. Only two of his poems have survived until today.

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