Brocade Sails

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On the Tonle Sap, Cambodia

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Brocade Sails
        Tran Nhan Tong 1258-1308

With brocade sails 
        the ship lightly rides the waves,
In the bow
        too depressed to raise my head.
No wild geese fly in the evening clouds
        beyond the mountains,
Only a dragon appears
        in the moonlight in the waterfalls.
How gloomy this journey is
        always dreams of the Citadel,
Only a glass of wine remains
        to sooth my deep sorrow.
Was Emperor Wu of the Han
        ever blamed for his war-mongering actions?
There is no need to press on quickly.

Chén Rénzōng 1258-1308

Jǐnfān qīng chèn làng huá kāi,
Péng dǐ yānyān shōu bù tái.
Sānfēng mù yún wú yàn dào,
Jiǔ tān míng yuè yǒu lóng lǎi.
Qīliáng xíngsè tiān gōng mèng,
Liáoluàn xián chóu dào jiǔbēi.
Hàn wǔ fān zhāo qióng dú bàng,
Nán'ér jíjí ruòwéi zāi.

Translator: Dongbo 東波

After King Tran Nahn Tong retired to devote himself to monkhood, he still maintained a strong interest in the protection of Dai Viet and left the monasteries to participate in matters of the dusty world. In this instance he was leading an attack force into Cambodia, and not enjoying it to much it seems.

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