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If you can decipher this one the 啤酒 is on us!!

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NotOne NotTwo
---Bādà Shānrén

Not one cannot be divided.
Not two doesn't have two names.
If you suck up the entire West River,
He can explain the Dao to you!
Wúyī Wúèr?

Wú yī wú fēnbié,
Wú èr wú èr hào.
Xī jìn xī jiāng lái,
Tā néng wèi rǔ dào.

Translator: Dongbo 東波


This lovely puzzle of a poem was first spotted copied on the wall of Bada Shanren's Memory Temple in Nanchang. At that time I assumed it was a complete poem. Later, looking at copies of the same poem printed in books it appeared that it may have been just part of a larger poem. But, the image above is Bada's painting with the poem inscribed, and it is clear there are three separate poems on this painting, perhaps brushed at three separate times for as you can see the calligraphy of each poem is different.

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