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Somewhere On a Misty Mountain

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Mountain Recluse
*****Dai Shulun

Louts in self-serving cliques!
How can they understand White Clouds?
In mountains no dirty affairs,
All day high as a kite.*

*醉醺醺 zuìxūnxūn, besotted and tipsy
Shān Jū
Mí lù zì chéng qún,
Hé rén dào bái yún?
Shān zhōng wú wài shì,
Zhōngrì zuì xūn xūn.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

Dai Shulun was an official under Emperor Taizong. During the last ten years of his life he was exiled to the provinces. At this point we are not certain where he spent this exile, perhaps in Hunan. So, we are still searching for the site of this poem.

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