Wuyi Mountain Vigil

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Bitter 武夷山 Wuyishan thoughts

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Wuyi Mountain Vigil
*****Xie Bingde

For ten years no way to return home,
Unbowed, alone in blue peaks
           at savage water's edge.
A desolate world 
           mountain rain
                 I wait,
When can I return to fight again?
Wǔyíshān Zhōng
Shí nián wú mèng de yuǎn jiā,
Dúlì qīng fēng yě shuǐ yá.
Tiāndì jìliáo shān yǔ xiē,
Jī shēng xiū dédào méihuà.
Translator: Dongbo 東波


This poem was written in 1285 in Wuyishan where the author, a defeated general of the Southern Song Dynasty was hiding out for ten years. Shortly after it was written he was aprehended by the Mongols and taken by force to Beijing. There he refused to work for the Mongol invaders and died of a hunger strike.

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