Dongpo Gruel

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Dongpo Gruel
*****Huihong  d. 1128

Wonderfull thick sweet yellow bamboo shoots,
Natural tiny bitter wisteria hearts,
Mix together in Dongpo wok and subdue,
Gluttonous monks' eloquent tongues beg to taste.
Dōngpō Gēng
Fènwài nóng gān huáng zhú wěi,
Zìrán wēi kǔ zǐténg xīn.
Dōngpō dāng nèi xiāngróng shè,
Qǐ yǔ chán Chán diàoshé xún.
Translator: Dongbo 東波


Stumbled on this poem in Danzhou where Su Shi (Dongpo) spent 4 years in exile. It was credited to Su Shi's hand, but a check in SiKu Quanshu shows it to be by an obscure monk named Huihong who died in 1128, 27 years after Su Shi's death. Whether he ever tasted Dongpo gruel is unknown, but the purple wisteria still grow in Danzhou waiting for wandering monks.

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