Moth Eyebrow Mountain Moonsong

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Moon over Xixiangchi 洗象池

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Moth Eyebrow Mountain Moonsong
      Li Bo

Crescent moon over Emeishan
                half disk of autumn*,
Reflected in the Pingqiang River
                drifting with the river flow.
At night I embark from Qingxi
                bound for Three gorges,
Now below Yuzhou
                how I miss not seeing you!
Éméishān Yuè Gē
Éméishān yuè bàn lún qiū,
Yǐng rù Píngqiāng jiāngshuǐ liú.
Yè fā qīng xī xiàng Sānxiá,
Sī jūnbùjiàn xià Yúzhōu.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

This shot is of the moon over the roof of the Xixiangchi 洗象池, Elephant Washing Pool Temple midway up the Emeishan trail.

* This line gratefully borrowed from the translation of Dryden Linsley Phelps and Mary Katherine Willmott in Pilgimage In Poetry To Mount Omei. Dryden and Mary were collegues for twenty years during the 1920's and 1930's in the Department of Foreign Languages at West China Union University, Chengdu, Sichuan.

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