Escorting the Moon

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Front Entrance to Hanshan's Five Breasts Temple

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Escorting the Moon
        Hānshān Déqīng 1564-1623

I let my mind and body go and gained a life of freedom
my old age is taking place among ten thousand peaks
I don't let white clouds leave the valley lightly
I escort the moon as far as my closed gate
Hǎo Suí Míngyuè
Shēn xīn fàngxia yǒuyú xián
Chuílǎo shēngyá zài mǎn shān
Bùxǔ báiyún qīng chū gǔ
Hǎo suí míngyuèhù chái guān
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

This translation from the anthology of Chinese monk poets, The Clouds Should Know Me By Know, edited by Red Pine and Mike O'Connor, published by Wisdom Press.

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