Old Crone

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Old Crone
        Yang Weizhen 1296-1370

Old crone
Old crone
At the age of seventy plus nineteen years
In my youth already married, can't you see?!?
Lǎo Kèfù
Yáng Wéizhēn 1296-1370

Lǎo kèfù
Lǎo kèfù
Xíngnián qīshí yòu shījiǔ
Shàonián jiàfū shèn fēnmíng
Translator: Dongbo 東波

The brutal founder of the Ming Dynasty, 朱元璋 Zhu
Yuanzhang 1328-1398, summoned Yang Weizhen to
court and ordered him to become an official. Already
old, Yang Weizhen refused and sent this rather cheeky
poem as his reply. Surprisingly the emperor allowed
Yang to return home as a retiredscholar.

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