Capital Bridge

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Bridge over Yellow River just north of Kaifeng

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Capital Bridge
        Fan Chengda 1126-1193

North and south from Capital Bridge
        runs Main Street,
The old folks here, year after year
       await return of Emperor's carriage.
Choked in sobs they cry out
        to the envoy,
Oh when will our army chariots return?!?
Zhōu Qiáo
Fàn Chéngdà 1126-1193

Zhōu qiáo nánběi shì Tianjiē,
Fùliǎo niānniān děng jià huí.
Rěnlèi shīshēng xún shǐzhě,
Jǐshì zhēn yǒu Liùjūn lái?!?
Translator: Dongbo 東波

In 1170 Fan Chengda was sent on a diplomatic mission the the court of the hated Jin (Jurched) capital by present day Peking. On the way he passed through the lost Northern Song capital of Bianliang (Kaifeng) where the people longed for the return to Chinese rule.

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