Autumn Chant

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Thousand Buddha Peak seen from Emeishan's Golden Summit

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Autumn Chant
         Li Shimin (Emperor Taizong 597-649)

Chrysanthemums scattering in a rising autumn wind,
Lotus blooms, rarer now, jade dewdrop-pearled.
Heralding the autumn, lines of wild geese flying;
Departed is the summer, in the trees only a few cicadas.
Cloud-mists freeze, glooming half the hills;
Crimson clouds ravel, lacing the high heavens;
As if from Chengdu my eyes look up
And there before me stands Omei.
Jú sàn jīnfēng qǐ,
Hé shù yùlù yuán.
Jiāng qiū shù xíng yàn,
Lí xià jǐ lín chán.
Yún níng qiū bàn lǐng,
Xiá sì Chńgdū wàng,
Zhí xiàn Éméi qián.
Translator: Dryden Phelps, Mary Willmott 翻譯

This translation, slightly altered, is by Dryden Linsley Phelps and Mary Katharine Willmott. Dryden was mountain climber from Colorado who went to China as a missionary scholar and lived for many years in Chengdu in the late 1930's and 1940's. He and Mary translated and republished A guide Book To Mount Omei.

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