Thinking Of A Monk Of Flower Summit On Mount Tiantai

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View from Huading (Flower Summit) on Tiantaishan

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Thinking Of A Monk Of Flower Summit On Mount Tiantai
        Qiji 864-937

Flower Summit precipitous, over looking the sea,
Stone bridge enveloped in rosy sunset...
once from Guoqing Temple
I climbed up to gaze at moon-bright tides,
Kindly birds drew close to my incense and lamp;
the wild stream jetted into empty air.
I wish I could go again, make the Wise One my teacher,
but my head is white and the road is very long.

Alternate translation by Dongbo:

Recalling Tiantai Flower Summit Monk
       Qiji 864-937

Looming Flower Summit towers above the sea,
Stone Bridge wrapped in sunset glow.
In past from Guoqing Temple
I climbed to view the moonlit ocean.
Fed the birds and burned incense,
While the torrent spurted into space.
I long to return to Master Wise One,
But my hair is gray and the road remote.�

Huái Tiāntāi Huádǐng
Qíjǐ 864-937

Huádǐng wēi lín hǎi,
Dān xiá guǒ shíqiáo.
Céng cóng Guóqīngsì,
Shàng kàn yuè míng hú.
Hǎo niǎo qīn xiānghuǒ,
Kuáng quán pén xuè liáo.
Yù guī shī Zhìzhě,
Tóu bái lù tiáoyiáo.
Translator: Burton Watson

Tiantaishan is a predominantly Buddhist mountain in Zhejiang province. The Guoqing Temple is the largest and most famous temple on Tiantaishan, founded by the monk Zhiyi, also known by his sobriquet Zhizhe, The Wise One. On the Flower Peak is a temple by that name, the Huadingsi. The 石橋, Stone Bridge is the Shiliang, not far from the summit.

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