Diao Chan

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Diao Chan
        Luo Guanzhong  14th c.

Wang Yun bet the empire's fate
        on a red skirt,
No need for weapons of war
        no need for troops.
At battle at Tiger Pass
        three heros fought for nothing,
        Diao Chan sings
                Torch Song of Triumph 
                        at Phoenix Pavilion.
Diāo Chán
Luó Guànzhōng 14th c.

Sītú maiòsuàn tuō hóngqún,
Bù yōng gāngē bù yōng bīng.
Sān zhàn Hǔlǎo túfèi lì,
Kǎigē què zòu Fèngyítíng.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

In China's first historical novel, 三國 演義, Three Kingdoms, Diao Chan was the young singing girl-concubine of Wang Yun, Han loyalist Minister of the Interior at the time of Dong Zhuo's 董卓 ( d. 192) usurpation of the Han. Wang Yun devised a devilish plan to sacrifice Diao Chan by making her create jealousy between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu his sworn retainer in order to cause Lu Bu to assassinate his master.

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