Narrating the Death of Shu State

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View of newly rebuilt Kaifeng Palace

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Narrating the Death of Shu State
        Lady Pistle 940?-

High on the wall the king
        waved the flag of surrender,
Deep in the palace 
        how could I know?
Thousands of soldiers capitulated,
Not even one warrior was a man!
Shù Wáng Yù Shī
Huāruǐ Fūrén 940?-

Jūnwáng chéngshàng shù xiángqī,
Qiè zài shēngōng nà dézhī.
Shísìwàn rén qí jiějiǎ,
Gèng wú yīgè shì nán ér!
Translator: Dongbo 東波

Huarui Furen, Lady Pistle, was the favorite concubine of Emperor Meng Chang of the Later Shu State. She was captured when the Song, under Emperor Taizu 927-976, conquered the Shu. He had heard that she was an accomplished poet and asked her to come before him a recite a poem. This is the poem she chanted. A bold, accomplished and enterprising woman indeed!

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