To Meng Haoren (4)

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View from peak of Lumenshan

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To Meng Haoren (4)
        Li Bo 699-762

I love that man Mengzi,
A hippie known everywhere!
When young spurned the cap and gown,
Now white headed 
        sleeps with pines and clouds.
With tipsy moon cavorts with spirits,
Sequestered in woods
        he follows no man.
A towering mountain
        who can equal him?
His disciple
        I gather his fragrance.
Zèng Mèng Hàorán (4)
Lǐ Bó 699-762
Wú ài Mèng Fūzǐ,
Fēngliú Tiānxià wén.
Hóng yán qì xiānmiān,
Báishǒu wò sōng yún.
Zuì yuè pín zhōng shèng,
Mí huā bù shì jūn.
Gāoshān ān kě yǎng,
Tú cǐ yì qīngfēn.

Translator: Dongbo 東波

There are four translations of this poem on MopuntainSongs. the first by Dongpo in 2003, the second by Shigeyoshi Obata in 1922 in his seminal 'The Works of Li Po', the third by Stephen Owen in 1981 in 'The Great Age of Chinese Poetry', a must read!, and the fourth, again by Dongbo in January, 2006. 'Time Changes Everything', as the country song goes. And everybody's translation is his or her's alone.

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