South Holding Pass

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View north from Vietnam. The line on the street is the actual border.

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South Holding Pass
        Phung Khac Khoan

North of Langchao border 
        is the Pingxiang border,
South of Radiating Virtue Terrace 
        is Revering Virtue Terrace.
With the two kingdoms on good terms 
        nothing more to report,
So people keep coming and going
Phung Khac Khoan

Lángzhōu jiè běi Píngxiáng jiè,
Zhàodétài nán Yǎngdétái.
Nánguó hào tōng wú hòushì,
Rèn tā wǎngwǎng yòu láilái.
Translator: Liam Kelley 翻譯者

On each side of the boder of the 鎮南關 Zhènnánguān, South Holding Frontier Pass was a formal ritual terrace. On the north side of the border it was named 照德臺 Zhàodétái Radiating Virtue Terrace, and on the south side 仰德臺 Yǎngdétái Revering Virtue Terrace, in conformance to the supremacy of China.

For furthur dicussion of this poem read Liam Kelley's Beyond The Bronze Pillars, Envoy Poetry and the Sino-Vietnamese Relationship, U of Hawaii Press.

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