Regret The Passing Of Peonies

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Two late Luoyang peonies

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Regret The Passing Of Peonies
        Bai Juyi 772-846

I'm saddened 
        for the red peonies
                before the steps,
I came too late
        only two 
                wilted blossoms remain.
Tomorrow morning
        winds will surely rise
                and blow them to oblivion,
        grasping a lamp
                I enjoy the last fading red.
Xī Mǔdan Huā
Bái Jūyì 772-846

Chóuchàng jié qiān hóng mǔdan,
Wǎn lái wéiyǒu liǎng zhī cán.
Mīngzhāo fēngqǐ yīng chuī jìn,
Yè xī shuāi hóng bǎ huǒ kàn.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

When the peonies bloom in Luoyang they are everywhere. But if you arrive late only a few sad late blossoms remain.

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