Traveling on the Yangtze

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On Lushan, a clear day is hard to find!!

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Traveling on the Yangtze
        Qian Xu  10th c.

So close but plagued by wind and rain
I can't climb Kuanglushan
I wonder if in those mist-hidden caves
any Six Dyansty monks still dwell
Jiāngxíng Wàng Kuānglú
Qián Xǔ 10th c.

Zhǐchǐ chóu fēngyǔ
Luāngyú bù kě dēng
Qíyún yúnwù kū
Yóu yǒu Liù Cháo sēng
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

Red Pine's smooth translation of this poem is hard to beat. I tried but my efforts unavoidably include one of his lines.

River Voyage Gaze at Lushan
 Qian Xu 10th c.

So close but plagued by wind and rain,
No way to scale Kuanglushan.
I suspect in some misty cave up there,
Are still some Six Dynasty monks.

But it is interesting that the original poem in Chinese leaves much unsaid, so alternate translations are quite possible.


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