Spending the Night at Yunmen Temple Pavillion

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The East Mountain Temple on Dongshan undergoing an expansion

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Spending the Night at Yunmen Temple Pavillion
        Sun Ti fl.720

At Incense Pavillion below East Peak
the flowers in the midst 
        were from another world
I held up a lantern 
        on a deep mountain night
and pulled back the curtain 
        on a lakeland fall
the swans stayed behind on the walls
the Dipper and the Ox 
        spent the night at the window
the road to heaven 
        seemed so close again
I dreamed I was traveling with clouds
Sù Yúnménsì Gé
Sūn Tì fl. 720

Xiānggé Dōngshān xià
Yān huā xiàng wài yōu.
Xuán dēng qiān zhàng xī,
Juǎn màn wǔ hú qiū.
Huàbì yú hóngyàn,
Shāchuāng sù dòuniú.
Gèng yí tiān lù jìn,
Mèng xìng bái yún yóu.
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

Dongshan, East Peak is in the outskirts of Shangyu in Zhejiang Province. There is no longer a Yunmen (Cloud Gate) Temple on its peak. The present temple is the Dongshansi undegoing a major rebuilding in 2004. The only Yunmensi we know of is in Shaoguan/Caoxi in northern Guangdong Province.

Variations on a theme. Here is an alternate translation by Dongbo:

Staying Over At Yunmensi Pavillion
Sun Ti fl. 720

Perfume Pavillion
below East Mountain,
Misty flowers
appear from the gloom.
I hang a lantern
in mountain evening,
Roll up the curtain
on Five Lake autumn scene.
Mural of wild swan
on temple wall,
By lattice window
Big Dipper and Bull.
It seems
path to heaven is near,
Happy dreams
of treking in the clouds.

From the book Poems of the Masters, China's Classic Anthology of Tang and Song Dynasty verse. One of the best, if not "the best", books of general translations of Chinese poetry. Wonderfully detailed notes on each poem and all poems are displayed in the original Chinese.

Translated by Red Pine, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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