Triple Falls

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三疊泉 Sāndiéquán on a cloudy day in early April

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Triple Falls
        Su Shi 1036-1101

Gleaming silver plummets from ridge
No one could be as pure!
No need to compare to Three Stars
Its pristine glory matches the moon!
Sū Shì 1036-1101

Jiǎojiǎo yán xià quán,
Wú rén hái zì jié.
Bùyòng bǐ Sānquán,
Qīng guāng tóngyī yuè.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

Su Shi's Triple Falls is the 三疊泉 Sāndiéquán on Lushan. Su Shi must have visited this dark and dreary chasm on an unusually bright day! Lushan is shrouded in thick mist most of the year, and even when the sun is shining brightly it would have difficulty penetrating inot the depths of this gorge.

This poem can be found in 蘇軾詩集 Su Shi Shiji, page 221.

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