Girl From Kollathi

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Image is detail from the main gopuram of the Sarangapani Temple in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

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Girl From Kollathi
For the family 
to gain religious merit 
in the next life, 
they fed the poor full of rice. 
Then, when the girl from Kollathi 
began to wash the dishes 
in the back lot, 
she was forced into intercourse. 
After feeding on her 
the Brahmin promised to come 
in his next life, too. 
She killed herself and 
now comes 
as the goddess of Kollangottu, 
screaming for human sacrifice. 
Lusting after women and gold, 
he married the dancer with lies of love 
then stoned her to death 
amid the thorns 
of the cactus fields. 
You are my witnesses, she cried 
to the cacti as she died. 
The dark-blue goddess of the cactus fields 
demands blood-filled rice, 
transmogrifies into the midnight 
goddess Isaki. 

This is a Tamil Dalit poem. The Tamil are the Tamil speaking peoples of south India. Dalit is the term for the untouchable casts of India. We found these poems on the web at /$B!D_(Bg%20SIVANARAYAN.pdf

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