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Painting on wall of Brihadishwara Temple in Trichy

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You Devil
Oh, you devil, 
I have caught you at last 
and nailed you to the neemtree. 
But on another night 
while I was deep in sleep 
you cracked the tree open 
and came out 
to play the magical witchery: 
You licked the live blood 
and laughed softly. 
I called upon the mantras 
in your name, in mine, 
in the name of the One 
who created both of us 
to imprison you 
in me. 
Today, my love, 
you are my angel. 

This is a Tamil Dalit poem. The Tamil are the Tamil speaking peoples of south India. Dalit is the term for the untouchable casts of India. We found these poems on the web at /$B!D_(Bg%20SIVANARAYAN.pdf

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