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Jia Dao's spring at 賈島泃 Jiadaogou in 周口店 Zhoukoudian

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        Jia Dao

In the middle of the night,
I suddenly rise;

draw water from
the high falls.

The forest holds
(as in a mouth) white dew;

the clear sky:
Jiǎ Dǎo

Zhōngyè wù zì qǐ,
Jí cǐ bǎi chǐ quān.
Línmù hán báilù,
Xīngdǒu zài qīng tiān.
Translator: Mike O'Connor 翻譯者

Jia Dao's spring, still fresh, gushing out delicious spring water as it did in Jia Dao's time, 1,300 years ago!

賈島泃 Jiadaogou, Jiadao Gulch, is in the town of 周口店 Zhoukoudian, the home of 'Peking Man' (now called by the Chinese 'Ape Man'). A picturesque green gultch rises into the foothills of 房山 Fangshan 60km SW of Beijing City. Named for the Tang Dynasty Buddhist poet 賈島 Jia Dao who became a monk in a temple here named the 無相寺 Wuxiangsi, changed later to the 賈島庵 Jiadaoan.

From Mike O'Connor's The Basin, Life in a Chinese Province, Published by Empty Bowl, Port Townsend, Washington

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