Night Visit from a Friend

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Bai's cottage on slope of Incense Burner Peak in the Lushan Mountains.

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Night Visit from a Friend
Bai Juyi 722-846

A mat in the clear breeze by the eaves;
under the pines, a wine cup in the moonlight--
there's subtle meaning in just such things,
much more so when an old friend comes!
Yǒurén Yè Fǎng
Bái Jūyì 722-846

Yán jiān qīng fēng diàn,
Sōng xià míng yuè bēi.
Yōu yì zhèng rúcǐ,
Kuàng nǎi gùrén lái.
Translator: Burton Watson 華茲生

From Burton Watson's book of translations of Bai Juyi poems; Po Chu-I Selected Poems, Columbia University Press

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