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Written in the Palace
Li Ang 809-840

The Shanglin Woods are in bloom
But autumn weeds hide the royal path
My ministers no longer know
How vast is the view from on high
Gōng Zhōng Tí
Lǐ Áng 809-840

Niǎn lù shēng qiū cǎo,
Shànglín huā mǎn zhī.
Pín gāo hé xiàn yì,
Wú fù shìchén zhī.
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

From the book Poems of the Masters, China's Classic Anthology of Tang and Song Dynasty verse. One of the best, if not "the best", books of general translations of Chinese poetry. Wonderfully detailed notes on each poem and all poems are displayed in the original Chinese.

Translated by Red Pine, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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