Written at the South Tower of Ezhou

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Written at the South Tower of Ezhou
Huang Tingjian 1045-1105

Mountain light meets water light everywhere I look
From the railing I can smell miles of water lilies
The soft wind and bright moon aren't controlled by man
Together from the south they bring something cool
Èzhōu Nán Lái Shū Shì
Huáng Tíngjiān 1045-1105

Sì gù shān guāng jiē shuǐ guāng,
Píng lán shí lǐ jìhé xiāng.
Qīngfēng míngyuè wú rén guǎn,
Bìng zuò nán lái yī wèi liáng.
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

From the book Poems of the Masters, China's Classic Anthology of Tang and Song Dynasty verse. One of the best, if not "the best", books of general translations of Chinese poetry. Wonderfully detailed notes on each poem and all poems are displayed in the original Chinese.

Translated by Red Pine, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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