The Frost and the Moon

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The Frost and the Moon
Li Shangyin 813-858

By the time I hear geese the cicadas are gone
From a hundred-foot tower the water is like the sky
Chang'e and Qingnu don't mind the cold
In the frost and moonlight they contest each other's charms
Shuāng Yuè
Lǐ Shāngyǐn 813-858

Chū wén zhēng yàn yǐ wú chán,
Bǎi chǐ lóu gāo shuǐ jiē tiān.
Qīngnǚ Sù'é jù nài lěng,
Yuè zhōng shuān lǐ dòu chánjuān.
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

We don't think Li Shangyin ever came to Lushan, but like this cold winter photo on Lushan.

From Poems of the Masters, one of the best books of general translations of Chinese poems into English. detailed notes on each poem and all poems are displayed in the original Chinese.

Translated by Red Pine, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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