A Farewell Song of White Clouds

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Heavy mist on Lushan

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A Farewell Song of White Clouds
    Li Bai 701-762

The white clouds float over the mountains of Chu--
As over the Mountains of Qin.
Everywhere the white clouds will follow you on.

They will follow you on everywhere--
With you they will enter the Chu mountains,
And cross the waters of the Xiang.

Yonder across the waters of the Xiang,
There is a cloak of ivy to wear,
And you may lie in a bed of white clouds.

Go swiftly home, O my friend!
Báiyún Gē Sòng Liú Shíliù Huán Shān
Lǐ Bái 701-762

Chǔ shān Qín shān jiē bái yún,
Bái yún chùchù cháng suí jūn.
Cháng suí jūn,
Jūn rù Chǔ shān lǐ,
Yún yì suí jūn dù Xiāng shuǐ.
Xiāng shuǐ shàng,
Nǚ luó yī,
Bái yún kān wò jūn zǎo guī.
Translator: Shigeyoshi Obata 小畑薰良

From the book The Works of Li Po, first published in Tokyo, Japan in 1935, Excellent English translations by a Japanese scholar.

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