Sound of Surf On Pine Path

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Sound of Surf On Pine Path
        Cheng Shunze 1663-1734

Down the path 
        enticed by myraid clear sounds,
Th Silver River fills half the sky
        morning tide rises.
Listen carefully!
         high above in the pines,
Pine needles against the wind
        also the sound of surf!

Sōng Jìng Tāoshēng
Chéng Shùnzé 1663-1734

Xìng dào cú lái wānlǎi qīng,
Yínhé tiān bàn zǎocháo shēng.
Xìtīng yòu zài gāo sōng shàng,
Yèyè yíngfēng zuò shuǐ shēng.

Translator: Dongbo 東波

From Cheng Shunze's 東苑八景, Eight Views From The East Garden, No. 7. We are not certain where this poem was written. By his ocean side home for sure, but it could have been either his home in Kumemura on Okinawa, or in Fuzhou where he lived and studied for two years. Sometimes it is more fun when you don't know for sure!

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