Slim Dusty 1927-2003

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Born David Gordon Kirkpatrick on June 13, 1927 in his beloved
Nulla Nulla outside of Kempsey, NSW, Slim took his "show name"
in 1938 at the age of 11, ahead of his first recording in 1943.
He achieved national and international success in 1957 with his worldwide hit single A Pub With No Beer which became the first
official Gold record achieved in Australia. Slim just left us on September 19, 2003 and we miss him. His music, like all good poetry, lives on to comfort and entertain us. Thank you Slim for the tracks you left behind!

Slim was a country ballad composer and singer and many of his less well known songs are powerful, direct and true to life. Songs like, When The Rain Tumbles Down in July, Charleville, Three Rivers Hotel, the Biggest Disappointment, Plains of Peppomentarti, Just An Old Cattle Dog, I Wonder If The Creeks Are Flowing Still, Man On The Side Of The Road, Tracks I left Behind, When The Currawongs Come Down, Charleville, Matilda No More, By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal, City Brother, and many others are poetry in music and belong on this website.

Slim's photo is from Slim Dusty's Official Website at, which we urge you to visit to learn more
about this outback troubador.

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