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This photo is of 天涯海角 Tianya Haijiao, Land's End, by Yazhou, Hainan.

李德裕 Li Deyu was the son of a Minister but had a difficult life due to hatreds spawned agains his father that were visited on the son. His most responsible post was as Prefect of the city of Chengdu, Sichuan. In 849, after the death of the emperor Wu Zong 武宗, he was exiled to 崖州 Yazhou on the south western tip of Hainan Island and died there at the end of that year.

He is said to have concocted a strange soup made from pearls, precious stones, jade, red sulphuret of arsenic, and cinnabar that were all cooked together. Perhaps this lethal soup was one of the reasons for his having died in exile!

Climbing Yazhou Town Wall 登崖州城作
Exiled to Yazhou 貶崖州

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