Lù Yóu 1125-1210

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The most prolific Southern Song poet. Some 10,000 of his shi poems survive. Although labeled a 'patriotic' poet, which he certainly was, having written many poems urging military action to recover China's 'rightful' territory from the Jin, his poems are diverse and not easily categorized.

Lu You's travel diary, 入蜀記 Ru Shu Ji, covering his trip from Shaoxing in Zhejiang to Guizhou in Sichuan from July to December, 1170 is of particular interest.

Caught In Drizzle At Sword Gate Pass 劍門道中遇微雨
New Bamboo at East Lake 東湖新竹
Overnight On Swan-Cry Peak 夜宿鵠鳴山
Sharing a Dram With Green Goat Temple Master 青羊宮小飲贈道士
The Shen Garden 沈園二首

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