Xiè Língyùn 385-433

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Xie Lingyun belonged to an influential and wealthy family centered in today's
Taikang County, Henan Province. He was born in Huiji ,today’s Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. He is credited with starting the school of mountain-and-river poetry.

His official career was destroyed in 422 by his support of a friend, the prince of Luling , for the throne. This power play got the prince murdered and Xie exiled to Yongjia. soon after he retired to his estate in Shining near Shaoxing.

Thereafter Xie held a number of official positions but came under increasing disfavor for his arrogant behavior toward men in power and his riotous parties and neglect of official duties. In 431 he was again exiled to the south near Guangzhou and after staging a small uprising was publicly executed in 433.

Mounting Stone Drum Mountain 登上戌石鼓山詩
Overnight On Stone Gate 夜宿石門詩

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