Gé Xuán 164-244

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東漢江蘇人. 179 入天台山學道修煉.華頂,赤城有其煉丹遺址. 238 夏卓庵與桐柏山, 建降真台, 後改法院. 又辟茶園與華頂,植蘆與台西.道教稱"葛仙翁"

Ge Xuan was a Daoist monk from Jiangsu in the Eastern Han Dynasty. in 179 he came to Tiantaishan to study ascetic practices. On Huading, the peak and on the neighboring Red City Mountain he concocted pills of immortality. In the summer of 238 he went to Tongbaishan, just to the west of Tiantaishan, and constructed a platform which he later coverted to a temple. He also opened a tea garden on Huading where he planted gourds. he is known as "Old Man of Ge'.

Climbing Tiantaishan 登天台山

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