Zhū Fàng 750-790

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Red Pine writes in his book Poems of the Masters;

"Zhu Fang (750-790) was from Xiangyang in Hubei province. After a brief career in the civil service, he retired to a hermitage on the Shan River in Zhejiang province and lived there as a recluse. Some years later, he accepted a sinecure as an advisor to the military commissioner of Jiangxi and moved to the provincial capital in Nanchang. Here he visits Lushan, two days' journey to the north. Zhulin (Bamboo Grove) Temple was also called Helin (Crane Forest) Temple and was among the most famous sights on Lushan's mist-shrouded slopes. The temple was located along the mountain's rocky northwest ridge but has long since disappeared."

On Zhulinsi 題竹林寺

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