Phung Khac Khoan 1528-1613

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Vietnamese envoy from the Le Dynasty."Phung Khac Khoan 1528-1613 was born the year after Mac Dang Dung usurped the throne from the Le Dynasty. As a youngser he studied under Nguyen Binh Khiem 1491-1585, the premier Confucian scholar of the time. Khoan, however, was apparently more of an idealist than Khiem. Rather than sitting for the examinations under the Mac usurpers, as Kiem did, Khoan headed south to the Le base in Thanh Hoa. There he passed the exams and served in various official positions. By the time the Le restored their dynasty in 1592, Phung Khac Khoan was an aged and respected official.

As such, Khoan was entrusted with the task of regaining official recognition from the North for the Le."

From Liam Kelley's book on Vietnamese envoy poetry, The Bronze Pillars.

Crossing The Pass 過關
South Holding Pass 鎮南關
Temple For The Wave Calming General 崛伏波將軍馬元師廟

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