Jìgōng 1130-1209

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The Crazy Monk of the Southern Song Dynasty. He was born near Tiantaishan in Zhejiang Province and lived his young days on Chichengshan, a sub-mountain of Tiantaishan. When still a young boy he 'left home, 出家 Chujia', and become a novice at the large and famous Guoqingsi at the foot of Tiantaishan. After becoming a monk he traveled to Hangzhou and practiced for a while at the Guanyin Temple (now named 上天竺寺, Upper India Temple) and at the 虎跑寺 Hupaosi, Tiger Paw Temple.

But he soon tired of the rigorous, constricting life in monasteries and commenced haunting the bars and brothels of Hangzhou. He lived and drank with the people and became their favorite monk. He lives on today as a smiling, singing, dancing and always inebriated monk.

Drinking Wine 飲 酒
Gloriously Drunk! 醉 傲

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