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Born in 1954 in Xiamen city, China. Received Ph.D. in 1996. Dean of Department of Philosophy in Humanities and President of Institute of Religious Studies at Xiamen University, Commissioner of National Foundation for Social Science Development andActing Secretary of National Association of Chinese Philosophical History. His academic achievements range from Philosophical Study of Yi, namely, Book of Changes, studies of Philosophical and Religious Daoism and Studies of Confucianism. He has published more then 150 academic papers in Chinese and foreign academic journals. Professor Zhan is also the author of 33 academic books. Among them are Studies on Book of Changes and Thoughts of Daoism, The Key to Book of Changes and Symbols of Daoism, Scientific Thoughts in Daoism and Bodily Nourishment from Cultural Perspective, History of Daoist Literature and New Version of Chinese History of philosophy etc. His book Looking into Southeast China: A Comparative Study of Its Culture and Economy won a title of “Excellent Book in China”, one of the highest honors to academic books granted by Chinese government.

Ascending Louguantai, the Observatory Tower Temple 上樓觀臺
Crossing Hangu Pass 過函谷關
Dolls' Wedding 布娃娃的婚禮
Gazing at the White Rocks of West Mountain 望西山白石
Roaming on Green City Mountain 青城遊
Thoughts on Xuanwu Lake 南京玄武湖遐想

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