Xú Bǎoguāng 1671-1740

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Born in Suzhou. In 1719 he voyaged from Fuzhou to the Ryukyu Kingdom and wrote a series of poems about his experience titled 海舶集 Haiboji, the Ocean Junk Collection. It was divided into three sections, 舶前集, 舶中集 and 舶後集. it is only recently that his work has been rediscovered in libraries in Shanghai and Suzhou, due to the research of the Chinese scholar 鄔揚華 Wu Yanghua, who is fluent in Japanese and works at Kyoto Daigaku in Kyoto. She has written a book on Xu Baoguang's 海舶集 Haiboji published in China in 2003 by 中國文聯出版社.

Photo of Shurijo, Shuri Castle on Okinawa.

Casual Visit to Sailor's Home 偶游民居
Cracking Thunder 聞雷
Fish Fry 食魚
Great View From Ancient Mountain Castle 豐見山故城
Insomnia 夜起
Mosquitoes! 蚊
Naha Harbor Perilous Rock 那霸灣口險石
Perilous High Tower 危樓
Presented To An Expat Monk 贈際外和尚
Randomly Poem Sitting At Night 夜坐偶成
Seven Day Voyage To The Ryukyus 船行七日至琉球
Typhoon Squall Solitary Drunk 大風雨窗獨醉
Wall Tiger 壁虎

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