Tran Nhan Tong 1258-1308

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陳仁宗 Tran Nhan Tong 1258-1308 was the third emperor of the Tran Dynasty of Vietnam. He reigned between 1278 and 1293. He is remembered for twice repelling Mongol invasions during his reign.

After his father voluntarily abdicated in 1279, he ascended the throne, becoming one of the most illustrious kings of the Tran Dynasty. Known far and wide for his compassion and peacefulness, he used the system of national examinations to search for talent to serve the welfare of his country. He was instrumental in the organizing two of the most unusual conferences in Vietnamese history, the Dien Hong conference of all the country’s elders and the Binh Than conference of all military commanders. These conferences helped solidify the national will against foreign threats.

In 1293, Tran Nhân Tông in turn abdicated in favor of his son and and settled on Yên Tu Mountain in northeast Vietnam.devoted the rest of his life to the practice of Buddhism.

Bu the Truc Lam sect of Chan Buddhism kept him partly in the dusty world. He traveled extensively, to invade Laos, and to Chiêm Thành (Champa), the country that bordered Vietnam on the south and was often at war with Vietnam.
To secure a long-term peace with Champa he arranged for a marriage one of his daughters, Princess Huyen Trân to the Champa king.*

When he was not practising at Yên Tu Mounain, he traveled barefoot around the country, giving lectures and organizing studies of the Buddhist dharma. He was the founder of the Trúc Lâm School of Chan Buddhism, the Bamboo Forest School, the first Vietnamese sect of Chan.
One of the nation's most brilliant kings,philosophers, and poets, his influence continues to inspire Vietnamese.

Present Zen masters Thich Thanh Tu and Thich Nhat Hanh both consider themselves to be spiritual descendants of the Bamboo Forest school.

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