Tran Thanh Tong, Tran Hoang 1240-1290

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Tran Thanh Tong 1240-1290 was born the eldest son of King Tran Thai Tong 1218-1277. At the age of 18 he became king and ruled until 1279 when he voluntarily abdicated in favor of his son Tran Nhan Tong.. He was one of the most illustrious rulers of the Tran Dynasty. A lay Buddhist, known for his compassion, he used national examinations in the search for talent to rule the nation. He organized two conferences, unique in Vietnamese history, the Dien Hong conference of all the country's elders and the Binh Than conference of all military commanders. These conferences helped unite the country to face the threat from the Mongol Yuan Dynasty of China.

Together with his son Tran Nhan Tong he led Dai Viet to successful defeats of the Mongol invasions. of 1285 and 1288. After abdicating he devoted himself to the practice of Buddhism. An outstanding poet he combining Chinese poetry models with the popular rythmn of folk lyic. Unfortunately only seven of his poems have survived until today. Why? Much of the blame can be placed on the Ming Dynasty invasion and twenty year occupation of Vietnam during which time much of Vietnamese culture was destroyed.

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