Xuěfēngsì, Snow Peak Temple

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雪峰枯木庵 Xuěfēng Kūmùān


Xuefeng Kumuan, Snow Mountain Ancient Tree Hermitage
(another name for Xuefengsi)

Located in Fujian Province, Minhu Town, on the south slope of Xuefeng Mountain, 77 km up the Min River from Fuzhou. First constructed in 905 of the Tang Dynasty. The present buildings were rehabilitated in 1974. On the first floor, off to the far left is the pagoda and image of the renowned Xuefeng Yicun, a twealth generation Chan monk and the founder of this temple. In the temple is the withered trunk of an ancient tree said to date from the Tang and near by are inscriptions dating from the Tang, Song and Ming. It is said that when Yicun first came to this mountain he lived in the belly of this tree.

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