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On a side road, off the road to the Wanniansi, is this small temple which can only be reached by walking for about a mile. A local woman led us over the paths, without her I could never have found it.Two tall old trees stand guard, the sure sign that this is an old temple site. the temple is named the Tongxuansi 通玄寺, a strange name that can be translated as Passing through Profound Darkness Temple. Sounds almost Daoist. One old wizzened yet spry old monk who only speaks the local dialect, is in attendance, along with a pleasant young nun. It is a quiet place and we are welcomed witha cup of tea. They obviously love their small temple and a small happy puppy adds to the friendliness of the temple. Before the temple is a 3 meter tall smooth, four sided pagoda with script carved in its sides. It was recently built and was donated by the Guoqingsi 國清寺. This temple is on none of the maps I have of Tiantaishan. An old name for the temple, I am told, is Tongyuansi 通元寺. 

Thanks to Ben Brose in Berkeley have the following information: "I checked my notes and -sure enough- you stumbled upon an interesting temple. It's earliest name was Tongxuansi but was later changed to Jingmingyuan. Built in 958 at the site of the great Tiantai Deshao's 德韶* 891-972 (one of the 
most important Buddhist figures in Tiantai's history) first place of practice. It was renovated (along with half of Tiantai's other temples and belvederes) in 1008 but by the beginning of the 17th century it had been abandoned.* See Fojiao Dacidian pgs.6016 and 3733 (bottom)"

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