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One of Yangshou's most ancient temples, the Jianshansi was rebuilt by the Yangshuo govenment in this new location a few years ago. Today in July, 2006, it is a massive complex, more for tourists than pilgrims.

It is named for the Tang Dynasty monk Jian Zhen who tried unsuccessfully five times to sail to Japan. On one of his attempts he was blown off course to Hainan Island, crossed to the mainland, traveled to Wuzhou in eastern Guangxi and then up the Lijiang to Guilin where he stayed for a year.

According to the handout at the temple; "While in Guilin, Grat Master Jian Zhen often gave speeches in Jianshan Temple. Jianshan Temple is an imitation of Tang Dynasty temple architecture. It is large in scale. There are a lot of figures of Buddha enshrined and worshipped in temple. To merge sightseeing, burning of incense to pray, and the Buddist's activities into one organic Whole. It's big enough to be the biggest ternple in Guangxi. Its geographic environment is advantageous, with Crescent Moon Hill, Grand Banyan, Julong Pool, and other near scenic spots constitute one large Tourism Scenic Resort."

So, as can be seen, the thrust is tourism, not Buddhism. However there are many monks here in August 2006 and while the megaphones of tour guides crackle within the halls, the monks are busy making converts, as can be seen in this image.

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