Brihadishwara Temple

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Now here is a fine Chola Dynasty temple, the Jewel in the Crown of Chola architecture!! And not crowded, even on January 15, 2007 on the Pongal Festival. It is no longer an active Hindu temple, being more a historical monument and a World Heritage Site. And what a monument it is! An awe inspiring structure!

"One thing I learned in my career as a tourist guide was that no two persons were interested in the same thing. Tastes, as in food, differ also in sightseeing. Some people want to be seeing a waterfall, some want a ruin (oh, they grow ecstatic when they see cracked plaster, broken idols, and crumbling bricks), some want a god to worship, some look for a hydro-electric plant, and some want just a nice place, such as the bunglow on top of Mempi with all-glass sides, from where you could see a hundred miles and observe wild game prowling around." From The Guide by R. K. Narayan

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